Using Digital Photo Backdrops To Effortlessly Create Better Baby Pictures In Three Minutes Or Less!

Fun and creative baby pictures is definitely one of, if not, the most lucrative markets studio photographers can tap. But behind all the possibilities and potentials is one fact that intimidates all aspiring studio photographers to exploit this niche: expensive and bulky studio backdrops and props. And if you are going to follow the 3Es of business – efficiency, effectiveness, and economic – splurging on pricey studio backdrops, and fragile toys to keep your subjects (read: children and babies) focused, and other props to make them appear cuter is not really a logical marketing strategy these days.

Using Digital Backdrops For Baby Pictures

No matter how small a studio or un-great its location is, potential clients will always zero in on one factor when deciding who will photograph their babies: the photographer’s portfolio. And you know that parents as clients are not so easy to please, in the first place. As studio photographers who specialize in this niche, we know that parents will not waste time looking at prom pictures or a bunch of teens posing for the camera; they want to jump in and know how well you score as a baby photographer who really works with both kids and babies.

Babies are often easier subjects to work with than two year olds. Why? Because, in the first place, babies can stay still while those in their two’s cannot hold still for long and, worse, they can be moody. And if you are not their parent and happen to work behind the camera at the same time, you need to take numerous photos just to have one great shot to show to their parents.

Going with digital photo backdrops can save you from a lot of headaches as a studio photographer. Here we highlight some reasons why:

  • Props are unacceptable for babies, especially when you need them to wear them over their head. Costumes with glitters and irritating snaps will only put babies at their not-so good moods. So instead of working physical props and costumes, why not put your time and effort into using digital photo backdrops that will allow you to add not only fancy props like butterfly wings but also magical backgrounds that will impress their parents.
  • “Happy” studio colors can make babies cry. And that is certainly not good news when you’re just starting to take pictures. Yellow is definitely a favorite studio color simply because it’s one happy color. But do you know that this like-burst-of-sunlight color can make a baby cry? And if you have babies waiting in line, chances are they will soon cry too. In fact, studies have shown that people are most likely to loose their temper in yellow rooms. Crying babies plus irritated mommies is a not-so good combination for your business.

Digital photo backdrops allow you to switch from one color to another and more. Unlike traditional studio backdrops (that are downright boring and so 70s, by the way), digital photo backdrops are easy-to-use, hi-res, and high quality templates that can be used with applications like Photoshop, GIMP, and Corel Photo. Excellent digital backdrops also offer a lot of creative themes and concepts that can truly make a photo stand out.

  • Traditional backdrops are inconvenient for offsite or on-location photo shoots. Not all parents will bring their children and babies to a studio just to have them photographed; in fact, a lot of our clients request for offsite sessions just so their babies can be “comfortable with the camera.” And for us photographers, nothing is more inconvenient than to bring props and traditional studio backdrops to our client’s home.

Digital photo backdrops allow you to travel lightly and conveniently. Ever imagine how you can shoot a fairy scene without the ‘shrooms and fairy wings? With digital backdrops, all you need to work with is your camera and your subject. Digital backdrops are essentially conceptualized with this in mind: travelling studio photographers who are commissioned by their clients to take creative and fun pictures of their kids and babies. We dare you to just imagine how painless it is just to work with creative themes and fun shots NOT with your subjects but in front of your computer. How convenient and easy is that?

Boring pictures equals a boring portfolio. And in our experience, we know this equation will land no business at all. A set of quality digital backdrops not only give you templates that you can work in Photoshop; it allows you to become a creative and passionate photographer minus the effort. How? Simply because merging your image with your choice of digital photo backdrops can be done in three minutes or less. And with these creative themes and backdrops being sold for $3 to $5 a piece, digital backdrops and digital fantasy photography props are definitely must-have tools for all smart photographers.

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Transform Ordinary Photography Into Magical Portraits With Digital Backgrounds In Just 3 Minutes Or Less!

So you have been taking pictures for almost as long as you can remember. From the very first instant photo you took with your Polaroid SX-70 way back when to the nth image you shot last week with your ever handy digital SLR its been pure bliss! And you know your friends are being modest when they say that your photos can pass off as the work of a pro. After all, you have been making some cash on the side shooting portraits in your spare time. But after a month, your hopes are starting to dwindle. You ask yourself, “now what?” With a little creative marketing combined with the photography trend of using “digital backgrounds”; we know you can cash in on your experience of being behind the camera and earn yourself a full time income working Part Time hours.

We know you’ve heard it before but in addition to producing a highly desirable, quality product or service, you will have to control your expenses and learn to work smarter, not harder by leveraging your time, skills knowledge and
start up capital. This article will show you to give yourself a competitive edge by using digital fantasy backgrounds.

Dare To Start With Zero: Growing A Home Studio

But what exactly are digital backgrounds and how do you use them to grow your business?

Can you imagine a photography studio with just a mere white backdrop – without the fancy painted backdrops and expensive photography props that you’ve seen other portrait studios using? With the advances in cameras and digital enhancements, just dare to imagine the unimaginable. With years of working behind the lens, we know that a camera with one light, a reflector and a simple white background combined with digital photography backgrounds are the just the ticket that new home photography start ups need to become highly successful. We sure wish we knew when we were first getting started what we know now. If we did, we could have saved thousands on all of the unnecessary photography props, backgrounds and tools we thought were necessary to succeed in a home based portrait studio.

One of the very first things that you learn about browsing through your old photos is that photography is not always about having a great looking subject with just the right expression because often the right location or background can really make or break a shot. And we’ve learned from experience the kind of photos people really like to buy require you stick to a few simple rules that most photographers don’t know.

And just like the rest of the new photo biz start ups, you may think that the only way to improve your chances of gaining enough clients to cover the bills and earn a living is to

• Shop for expensive backdrops and props to attract those who want a creative studio shot. After all, kids love playing with great but expensive toys that are prone to wear out and break but parents love cute photos of their babies; So what other choices do you have?

• Learn how to use sophisticated software, which not only requires your time but a handsome sum of cash but also requires you to enroll in crash courses in your local area to be shown how to use it. Of course you could. . .

• Go outdoors and organize an offsite photo shoot. We couldn’t agree more when you say that Mother Nature can provide the best backgrounds. But bringing your client outdoors – and arranging a session outside – can be downright impractical, especially for a start up. You may believe that outdoor locations are free. In fact, our personal experience proves just the opposite to be true because time is money.

We use to meet our clients at a park or the beach and despite asking them to dress in a coordinated fashion they seldom would. The kids would often get muddied and parents would get frustrated trying to stop their kiddies from running amuck and pleading with them to sit still so the tree branches over their heads would not appear to be growing out of their ears in the finished portraits.

Great ideas. But start crunching the numbers and you’ll know that all these add up to quite an overhead. If you have exhausted your rainy day stash and have run out of family members who trust your skills and question your ability to grow a successful photography business then we have some very good news for you.

What if there is an affordable solution, which requires only a little knowledge of user-friendly photo manipulation apps and takes less than 3 minutes per photo from start to printing?

All About Digital Backgrounds: From Shopping To Using

Digital photography backgrounds are very flexible and easy-to-use background images and creative themes that replace expensive old masters and scenic painted canvas backdrops and they make many props obsolete. Digital backgrounds can be easily manipulated and eased into an image you took with your SLR to enhance not only a boring white backdrop but to literally take your subject out of this world. Ever wonder how can you add a bit of “Wow” to a studio shot? Why not put your subject in a whole new dimension like a mystical enchanted forest or a room straight from a Victorian castle? Digital backgrounds give you this flexibility and more.

Here’s a quick overview of how you can shop for and use digital backgrounds with ease:

• First, choose a reliable provider. There are a lot of online sellers who will definitely try to sell you their stuff. And since these items are, well, in digital form, there are some risks when shopping for digital backgrounds online. Check their portfolio, read their terms, and check the quality of backgrounds you are buying. It is difficult to go after online sellers since most payment systems like PayPal do not cover digital products.

• Second, download high quality digital backgrounds. NEVER buy in bulk, that is, those that are bundled with hundreds of others. Why? Simply because you’ll never know what you will receive – and if all are actually usable. Digital photography backgrounds maybe affordable and you will never have enough of them. But be practical. The key is to know your clients: Are you targeting moms who would love a picture of their children in a fairytale setting as fairies, pixies, wizards and such? Or the teen market who loves creative shots and wants a year book image they can be proud of? With this in mind, you can narrow down your choices and only shop for the backgrounds that your target market will truly appreciate and love.

• Lastly, open and use. Digital backgrounds can be used with Corel Photo and Adobe Photoshop, among other apps like the free open source program GIMP often referred to as a Poor-Mans Photoshop. Just open the image with the app of your choice, use the magic extractor tool to extract your subject from a boring background, open the new background you have purchased in the same window, drag the extracted image over the background, and, viola, in an instant, you now have a unique and creative photo that will truly impress your clients.

It’s really just a matter of extracting your subject and placing onto a digital background… of course, there are more details like blending and creating shadows, etc… you can get into later as you become more experienced. There are heaps of free tutorials on the net. You’ll be surprised what you can create after just a few tries and will wish you had began using digital backdrops years ago.

Ready-to-use digital backgrounds give you an instant edge and leverage over your competition. Why sweat doing an all-nighter and digitally enhancing portraits one by one when you can just download an instant digital background in less than a minute? Aside from creating great portraits, digital backgrounds are also perfect for birthday cards, Christmas cards and christenings. Plus they work really great for a pet photography business. The possibility is really limitless.

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How Digital Backgrounds Can Wow Your Customers and Explode Your Profits!

If you are a professional or amateur photographer who would like to have an almost unfair competitive advantage, a real edge over other photographers then I invite you to carefully consider offering your portrait clients something really unique and special. Something that they can only get from you!

To really boost your income in today’s competitive business environment  you’ll need  a very unique competitive edge, a real ‘Wow Factor’ that can’t be easily duplicated by others. Time after time my portrait clients tell me the same thing over and over again. They all say WOW! They are just blown away when they see their child’s portraits superimposed onto our digital fantasy backgrounds.

Every year there are hoards of new wannabee amateur photographers armed with brand new SLR digital cameras who are looking to start up their own home based portrait studios. And because of their lack of business experience and low overhead of not having any traditional studio expenses many will resort to selling 8×10 prints for $10 each.

Uneducated low price newbies are hurting themselves and other photographers like you and me by charging so little.

In order to effectively compete against low price operators you will need to offer your portrait clients a superior product and service. Something that will wow them! Something that most amateur photographers haven’t yet caught on to. And something that will not cost you very much to implement.

After all, as a professional photographer and business owner, investing in expensive props and sets may be cost prohibitive for you at the moment but if you don’t act now, chances are your phone won’t be ringing off the hook with new clients anytime soon.

Even if you do have a dynamite marketing strategy working to get new clients in the door you will still want to wow them with unique images that won’t cost you an arm and leg to produce.

That’s why more and more professionals are investing in expensive “Scene Machines”, “Fairy Costumes”, and props. But what if you just can’t invest in better, more expensive sets, photography props and equipment? Is there still a way to produce better results without breaking the bank?

Yes there is! You can now WOW YOUR CLIENTS with great looking, unique, low cost digital fantasy backgrounds that Moms With Cameras can’t easily duplicate. Well, up to now anyway because, until recently, professional portrait studios were the only ones capable of producing artistic digitally enhanced portraits.

Many independent photographers have been struggling trying to compete against the large photo studios who have the staff and resources to out market the little mom and pop studios. What can you as a sole operator do to boost your photography sales and compete against the low price bullies and large studio photo teams?

Give yourself an edge. Take advantage of the Wow Factor by using our line of digital fantasy backgrounds. Then learn how to out market your competition by taking a hint from those smart studio owners who outsource their workflow to a team of  affordable Photo Editors.  Doing this will free up your time so you can concentrate on marketing and go from working in your business to working on your business.

If you are photographing, editing and selling portraits, when will you ever have time to attend to the marketing? Most photographers don’t own a business, they own a job and work for themselves. Instead, why not  employ others to work in your business, leveraging your efforts and freeing up your time so you can go to work on improving your business?

And with our digital fantasy backgrounds your customers will say ‘WOW’ and your income will skyrocket! Be among the first in your area to act on this because if you don’t, sooner or later your competitors will.